• Isolate CBD Oil Tincture – 2000mg

    $109.00 or $87.20 / month
    Have you tried our 1000mg CBD oil tincture and feel you need something a little stronger for your pain relief? If so, our 2000mg Isolate CBD oil tincture may be the best fit for you. Each state has their own regulations when it comes to CBD oil, so if you live in a state with stricter regulations, our Isolate CBD oil is likely your best bet. If you undergo regular drug testing for THC, our Isolate CBD oil tincture may be the product for you. CBD oil may help manage many conditions when taken consistently as a supplement in your daily regimen. Our Isolate CBD oil tinctures can assist you in regulating pain relief, inflammation, anxiety, recovery, sleep, appetite, mood, and numerous other conditions. If you have muscle aches and pains, our Isolate CBD oil tincture can be paired with our most popular and potent CBD Muscle and Joint Rub. Whether there is a specific condition you’re aiming to treat with CBD oil, or you are just looking to maintain optimal balance in your body, our Isolate CBD oil may be the perfect product for you. View Dosage Chart >
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    Me and My Pet

    Save on (1) 30mL Pet Tincture with your choice of (1) 30mL Tincture (1000mg CBD) for yourself! lost rangeTM PET Tincture is crafted by hand for your dog, cat or other four-legged pals. We use the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil for our tinctures and every batch is 3rd party lab tested to ensure purity. Choose between lost rangeTM Isolate or Full-Spectrum 1000mg CBD tinctures in addition, and receive $19 off.
  • Soothing CBD Lip Balm – 250mg

    $20.00 or $16.00 / month
    Suffering from chapped lips? Whether you find yourself bundled up in the snowy mountains or chillin out on the sandy beaches, our best selling CBD Lip Balm is the perfect product for your backpack or beach bag. Our CBD Lip Balm is equipped with an all natural SPF to assist you in protecting your lips from the harshness of both the sun and the wind. Our CBD Lip Balm provides relief from dry, cracked lips as a soothing moisturizer anywhere you go! If you suffer from dry skin in unforgiving winter weather, try pairing our CBD Lip Balm with our CBD Skin Salve for ultimate CBD hydration!
  • We believe that mental health matters, which is why we have teamed up with Support Staff to put together a self-care bundle in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. These will be sold for the month of May with 100% of the proceeds going to Support Staff. Support Staff can be found at pleasehustleresponsibly.org
  • Soft "broken in" unisex T-shirt, fits true to size. 52% cotton 48% poly blend.
  • Soft "broken in" unisex T-shirt, fits true to size. 52% cotton 48% poly blend.
  • Soft "broken in" yoga tank top with our signature skin salve logo, this tank top has an elastic hem just below the neck line. Super comfy and fashionable for any day of the week. 65% poly 35% viscose blend.