• CBD Muscle & Joint Rub

    $15.00$59.00 or from $12.00$47.20 / month
    The best CBD Rub/Cream on the market for pain and muscle relief and it is 100% all Natural and handmade! Lost Range Muscle & Joint Rub is the absolute best quality CBD pain relief cream/rub on the market, period. This CBD Cream helps your body recover quickly from pain, inflammation, and when coupled with our CBD Oil Tinctures, provides you a leg up in jumpstarting your Cannabinoid System! Use this CBD Muscle and Joint rub product for every day joint and muscle pains. To soothe aches and pains, thoroughly rub a small amount in problematic areas as needed. For headaches and migraines, apply a small amount to your temples, forehead and back of your neck. Avoid open wounds, eyes and mouth. Whether you are living an active lifestyle running/skiing/hiking/biking or just being a mom, dad, or are looking to recover from injury, this CBD muscle and joint rub may be right for you in relieving your unwanted pain and inflammation.
  • CBD Essential Oil Pulse Roller – 150mg

    $20.00 or $16.00 / month
    Are you looking for the relieving benefits of CBD on the go? Our CBD Essential Oil Roller may be the perfect product for you. Aromatherapy has the ability to improve our overall health and wellness, so we’ve infused our favorite scents with our Isolate CBD oil to enhance the essential oils’ effectiveness. The perfect product for relieving tension, headaches, pain and stress, our CBD Essential Oil Rollers can be applied directly to your pressure points throughout your body. Keep in your purse or your pocket to be ready for any outside noise that may throw stress your way! Pair our CBD Essential Oil Rollers with our CBD oil tinctures for optimal results. Whether you’re a yogi looking to enhance your experience on your mat, work in a fast paced environment, or are always on the go, our CBD Essential Oil Rollers may be the product best suited for you.