Why lost range.®

Our Mission Statement

lost range® CBD is dedicated to providing all natural, high-potency, plant-based CBD products to support active, healthy lifestyles.

Handcrafted in Small Batches

Our premium CBD products are made by hand, in small batches, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to ensure the finest craftsmanship and allowing for a consistent product made with care and love from us to you.

High Potency

Unlike most CBD products you’ll find on the market today, we only offer upper end potency and high quality ingredients, allowing our customers to receive all of the positive benefits premium CBD has to offer.


Handcrafted. Small Batch. High Potency. 3rd Party Tested. Cruelty Free. Natural. Sustainable.

3rd Party Tested

Our products receive independent third-party lab testing to identify potency, use of pesticides, microbes and heavy metals, ensuring product consistency and providing total transparency to our customers. Our testing meets and exceeds both state and federal testing protocols.

Cruelty Free

Our commitment to animal welfare means that we will never, EVER test on animals, and only source ingredients that the supplier can document are completely cruelty-free.


We use all-natural and hand-selected ingredients in our CBD products, ensuring that each and every product is free of chemicals and parabens.


Our CBD oil is made from industrial hemp using certified organic practices in the surrounding area of Hotchkiss, Colorado. These hemp farms, each of them smaller than 100 acres, are family-owned and operated using sustainable and organic methods. This smaller scale farming ensures high quality hemp production without compromising the integrity of the soil or environment as a whole. Lost Range is committed to minimizing our footprint by continually seeking environmentally friendly practices and materials.


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