All-Natural vs. Synthetic CBD Products

All-Natural vs. Synthetic CBD Products

Synthetic CBD is created in a lab. When you buy plant-based CBD, you receive a product with Cannabidiol that has been extracted straight from a plant.

While there are many CBD products available on the market, not all are created equal. 

Natural products provide opportunities to use locally-available ingredients and formulations for important societal benefits. When it comes to your CBD, it's imperative to understand the differences between natural and synthetic products. 

The Rising Dangers of Synthetic

Synthetic CBD is cheaper to produce, but these products can be toxic.

According to the CDC, "Synthetic cannabinoid products can be toxic. As a result, people who [use] these products can react with rapid heart rate, vomiting, agitation, confusion, and hallucinations. Some have to get help from emergency medical services or in hospital emergency departments or intensive care units."

Shockingly, 70 percent of Cannabidiol extracts sold online are mislabeled, according to a Penn Medicine study. Make sure your CBD products are sourced from high-grade hemp facilities from companies that control every stage of the process; from growth, to extraction and production. The more involved the CBD company is in this process, the better. 

Natural CBD Benefits

At At lost range.®, our 100% natural CBD (which is extracted from the cannabis plant using organic and sustainable methods), is a great option for those looking for a safe and effective CBD product.

Extraction Methods

The quality and price of CBD products can vary greatly depending on the extraction method and formulation used. By creating CBD in a lab, the synthetic version of CBD replicates the effects of natural cannabis and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol but they induce more severe adverse effects including respiratory difficulties, hypertension, tachycardia, chest pain, muscle twitches, acute renal failure, anxiety, agitation, psychosis, suicidal ideation, and cognitive impairment.

At lost range.®, we prioritize product purity and allergen-free ingredients, which is why we have every batch of our CBD products third-party tested to confirm their quality and purity.

To ensure the highest quality of our products, we use a superior extraction method known as 'Cold Ethanol Extraction'. This process selectively extracts the desired cannabinoids and terpenes while leaving behind unwanted fats and chlorophyll. The result is a more pure and clean CBD oil, free of allergens and rigorously 3rd-party tested so you know what's in every drop.

Choosing a High Quality CBD Product

Taking great care at each stage of the production process is an investment in both the final product and the process itself. Our products are all crafted by hand in small batches, right here in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

We take pride in ensuring that every ingredient we use is natural and selected for its incredible healing properties. With a focus on providing high-quality and effective formulations, we offer our customers a wide range of products with excellent value for money. Here are just a couple of our products that you can choose from.

  • Topicals: Our all-natural joint rubs, skin salves and balms provide a soothing effect for sore muscles, joints, and aches, without the use of chemicals. They are specifically designed for topical CBD delivery and contain only natural ingredients.
  • Herb-infused Massage Oils: Our massage oils are packed with natural CBD and infused with herbs and essential oils of your choice.
  • CBD Oil Tinctures: Our tinctures come in peppermint and lemon flavors and are suitable for both humans and pets. Made with coconut oil and either CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum oils, they are most effective when dropped under the tongue and held for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. For pets, they can be given orally or added directly to their food and treats.
  • CBD Bath Products: Our CBD bath products are a great way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your self-care routine. Whether its bath salts, bath bomb powder or our natural soaps, they're sure to provide a relaxing and soothing experience, and safe for those with sensitive skin. 

Final Thoughts

If you're searching the market for high-quality CBD products, it's important to choose a brand that offers all-natural ingredients and a commitment to transparency and quality. 

When you choose lost range.®, you can trust that you're getting pure, high-quality CBD products that are free from harmful chemicals and additives. Our commitment to using natural, organic ingredients ensures that you're getting the most beneficial effects from our products, without any unwanted side effects.

If you have any questions about our brand or products, our team is always available to assist you. Contact us today to learn more.

Shop the full range of our all-natural CBD products here.

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