5 Ways to Unwind

5 Ways to Unwind

We can all resonate with the ongoing search for ways to unwind. Whether it be at the end of a taxing day on the job, an unexpectedly long line at the grocery store, or an unfriendly encounter with a stranger, our hopes that we can at least take one second to ourselves when we finally find our way back into our homes is relevant for the majority of us. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a small list of tried and true remedies that reel us back to balance on any day of the week.

1. Make Time For Meditation

Though it seems obvious, meditation is one of our favorite ways to unwind. This can seem pretty impossible for someone with a busy schedule, but there are multiple ways to meditate, and it doesn’t always involve sitting criss cross applesauce and wondering why you can’t keep still! Meditation is especially beneficial for the individuals with a hectic schedule, as it allows you to retreat from all of the outside noise, even if it is for just a few minutes.

Whether you believe it or not, meditation makes time stand still while we’re engrossed in some of our favorite activities. Walking, yoga and stretching, biking, running and other forms of exercise can be your daily meditation. Creating art, fishing, gardening, sewing, or merely stepping out into nature can also be your meditation of choice. If you focus on simply just being in the moment of whatever activity your heart desires, you’ve meditated! We like to take a dose of our oil tincture before any form of meditation to assist in its benefits of controlling anxiety, reducing stress, improving sleep, controlling pain and promoting emotional health.

2. Cut The Cord

With the rapidly increasing advancements of technology, we’ve been glued to our smartphones and computers for the bulk of our days. If you’ve been stuck behind a dual monitor or own both a personal and a professional cell phone, then we’re especially talking to you! We are so deeply connected to the digital world that it’s extremely easy for us to lose touch with reality, causing distress or resistance in our most important personal relationships, and even taking a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing.

We already carry such a large mental burden with our seemingly endless laundry list of responsibilities, so why not shut the screen off to free up some space for activities that make you feel good? By switching to Airplane mode, we open the gates to our naturally creative brains, rather than consuming distractions that may be affecting you more than you even realize. Try leaving your phone off or in another room on silent mode for at least an hour. By the time the second hour rolls around, you may find yourself so far removed that the hours start to multiply. That’s a win in our book!

3. Write That Sh*t Down

With the thousands of thoughts that snake their way into our brains daily, filtering through which ones we’d like to keep and which ones we’d rather do without is certainly not the easiest task. The lightning formation of our thoughts can bring us million dollar ideas, but it can also provide us with limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Many of these limiting beliefs arise when we aren’t feeling in touch with ourselves or in tip-top shape. Oddly enough, journaling can actually strengthen your immune system by coming to terms with stressful events, reducing the influence of these stressors on your physical health. And we’re all about strengthening your immune system!

On that note, journaling can also allow you to gain a more practical perspective on your anxious thoughts by placing them on paper, rather than obsessing over the worst case scenarios. We personally love applying one of ourbEssential Oil Rollers to our wrists and temples before a journaling session for a little extra assistance in our brainstorming sessions. We suggest keeping a journal on you at all times to record your thoughts and ideas whenever and wherever they decide to pop in on you.

4. Move That Body

Now, of course this seems evident, as we’ve learned at a young age that exercising releases endorphins. But many times when we think of exercising, we picture heavy lifting, intense cardio and a serious struggle, even though there are numerous other ways to release endorphins without overdoing it. Endorphins are the polypeptides in our bodies that aid us in dealing with stress and can also assist us in reducing pain, working hand in hand with any cannabis that enters your system. If you’re already consistently carving out time in your day to move your body, elevate your experience by taking a serving of our oil tincture before or after your workout.

If you’re hesitant, new to the idea of exercising regularly, or find yourself drowned by your day to day responsibilities with little to no time for yourself, try constructing just TEN MINUTES dedicated to pumping up your endorphins each day. Not into the whole gym thing? Try throwing on your favorite playlist and have yourself a dance party to get you into your groove. Depending on the type of movement you choose, it can lead to moderate to severe soreness in your muscles, so make sure to lather yourself in our customer favorite Muscle and Joint Rub immediately after your workout for your recovery ritual.

5. Upgrade Your Bathing Game

If you find yourself blessed with a bathtub, you’ve already gotten yourself setup for the supreme unwinding scenario. Did you know that submerging yourself in water actually has the ability to provide you with various health benefits? Whether you’re sitting at the computer or constantly on the go, tension sneakily builds up in our bodies without us ever noticing. That is, until we turn our heads too quickly or bend down to tie our shoes and we feel an uncomfortable tweak that definitely shouldn’t be there.

When we are tightly wound, a warm bath can reduce inflammation and pain, giving ease to our anxious muscles, while calming the nervous system at the same time. To drown out the discomfort from your day, try treating yourself by soaking in a warm bath a few times a week with our best selling Lavender Bath Bomb for an incredibly improved mood. After a good 20-30 minutes in the tub, we like to take the tension down one step further by massaging our muscles with our Muscle and Joint Rub for prime relaxation results.

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