Celebrating National CBD Day with lost range.®

Celebrating National CBD Day with lost range.®

Break out the streamers, put on your party hats, and rejoice because August 8th is National CBD Day - our favorite holiday of the year! 

Yes, the day has nearly arrived when we can unite in our shared love of the magical elixir we all know and love: CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has embarked on a wild ride from being THC's misunderstood cousin to becoming the wellness world's rockstar. At lost range.®, we have been riding the waves and bringing you the most premium, sustainably sourced, and high-potency CBD products. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a moment to appreciate this marvelous compound.

Why All the Fuss About CBD?

CBD has become a prominent health and wellness industry player, gaining widespread popularity in recent years. Derived from the hemp plant, it is a natural compound that belongs to a family of chemicals known as cannabinoids. However, unlike its more infamous cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have psychoactive properties, so it won't get you "high" when consumed.

The appeal of CBD lies in its potential to promote wellness, balance, and ease in our lives. This compound has garnered attention for its potential health benefits and therapeutic properties. Many people have turned to CBD products to potentially help alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, and other health issues.

One of the fascinating aspects of CBD is its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies. The ECS is a complex network of receptors and molecules that plays a crucial role in maintaining balance and homeostasis throughout various physiological processes. This system helps regulate mood, sleep, appetite, immune response, and more.

When we encounter stressors or disturbances, the ECS returns things to equilibrium. CBD interacts with its receptors, particularly the CB1 and CB2 receptors, in the brain, central nervous system, and peripheral organs. By doing so, CBD may help the ECS maintain balance and improve overall well-being. So when life throws you off balance, CBD is there.

Feel the Benefits: The CBD Impact

Some awe-inspiring benefits of CBD have people raving about it. Though everyone's experience might be slightly different, here are some reasons our customers love lost range.® CBD:

  • Stress Support: Life can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster of deadlines, emails, and never-ending to-do lists. CBD may help manage daily stress, offering a little oasis of calm in the bustling city of modern life.
  • Pain and Inflammation: From workout warriors to those suffering from chronic conditions, many individuals report that CBD helps soothe aches and pains and ease inflammation. 
  • Sleep: Having trouble sleeping? CBD has been reported to support better sleep cycles, helping you chase those sweet dreams.
  • Skin Health: CBD is not just an internal hero. It's also a supercharged addition to your skincare routine, boasting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Now, let's take a closer look at some of our products to try.

Celebrate National CBD Day with lost range.®

Since we've navigated the perks of CBD, let's make National CBD Day a memorable occasion. How about a wellness party? 

Invite your friends for a DIY spa day with our CBD Bath Products and CBD-infused topicals.

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with lost range.® CBD Bath Bomb Powder. Carefully crafted to cleanse, soothe, exfoliate, detoxify, hydrate, and moisturize the skin while relieving exercise-induced pain. This proprietary blend combines CBD Isolate, herbal-infused grapeseed oil, minerals, salts, and lavender essential oil, offering 62.5mg of CBD per ounce for a genuinely rejuvenating soaking experience.  

Organize a CBD taste-testing with our range of flavored oils and gummies. 


Take a flavorful journey with lost range.® Full-Spectrum CBD gummies! Every delightful cherry or mandarin orange gummy delivers a potent punch of 33mg Full-Spectrum CBD. This isn't just your average CBD; it's a symphony of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins that combine to provide a synergistic effect, commonly known as the 'entourage effect.' So, say hello to wellness in the yummiest way possible.

Why not try a new natural flavor of CBD Tincture like Peppermint or Lemon

Do you have a furry friend? Include them in the celebrations with our pet-friendly CBD products. 

Elevate your furry friend's wellness journey with lost range.® Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture, a uniquely formulated, pet-friendly elixir that harnesses the wholesome goodness of Colorado-grown hemp, brimming with a symphony of cannabinoids, naturally-occurring terpenes, essential vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins, all while ensuring it contains less than 0.3% THC – a paw-fect choice for your dog or cat's relaxation and relief.

Or enjoy some alone time, starting your day with a few drops of our CBD oil, then unwinding with a good book. 

Experience the pinnacle of potency with lost range.® Gold Buckle® Tincture, a top-tier, Full-Spectrum CBD supplement. This tincture maximizes the 'entourage effect.' With just two ingredients - medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) coconut oil and Full-Spectrum CBD, and available in three tantalizing flavors - natural, organic lemon, and organic peppermint, this tincture delivers powerful daily supplementation.

Why lost range.®?

At lost range.® we place immense importance on each phase of our production process, recognizing that our diligence elevates the end product and enriches the process. Our assortment of products is meticulously handcrafted in small batches in the serene mountain landscapes of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

We take extraordinary pride in sourcing only natural ingredients, each chosen for its exceptional healing attributes. Concentrating on delivering superior-quality and potent formulations, we present our customers with a broad spectrum of premium CBD products, from tinctures to topicals, edibles, and even pet-friendly products. 

Last Thoughts

This National CBD Day, let's celebrate this gift from Mother Nature, honor the hemp plant, and appreciate how CBD has positively impacted so many lives.

Remember, it's not just about celebrating CBD. It's about celebrating wellness and self-care.

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