Higher Potency and Sustainable Packaging Are Here

Higher Potency and Sustainable Packaging Are Here

lost range.® is constantly working to improve our products and product offerings, especially regarding sustainability and product potency.

Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain an ecological balance in our planet's natural environment and conserve natural resources to support the well-being of current and future generations. And in 2023, our planet is in critical need of our help and a big-time overhaul of our values as a society. 

We've been targeting single-use plastic as a priority and have already removed the plastic from our full-size and sample-size CBD topical containers. And now we’re taking sustainability to a whole new level.

We’re also highly conscious of CBD quality, so we only create all-natural, high-potency, plant-based CBD products to support active, healthy lifestyles. We saw a glitch in the market for an extra high-potency massage oil for those with more severe ailments, aches, and pains, so our CBD Massage Oils just got a bump…

Premium CBD

Before we delve in, it's essential to reiterate that not all CBD is created equal. 

Taking great care at each stage of the production process is an investment in both the final product and the process itself. Our products are all crafted by hand in small batches, right here in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

We take pride in ensuring that every ingredient we use is natural and selected for its incredible healing properties. With a focus on providing high-quality and effective formulations, we offer our customers a wide range of products with excellent value for money. With that being said...

Higher Potency Massage Oils

Our massage oil is one of our most popular products at lost range.®. Our customers have been raving about its effectiveness and the relief it provides for themselves personally and as professionals in the massage and spa field.

We've upped our already-potent CBD massage oils from 250-1200mg CBD per bottle, to a huge 250-3000mg of premium CBD per bottle! The best part? It’s all for the same price.

About Our New Premium Massage Oil

Available in smaller 1oz bottles to larger 12oz bottles, lost range® CBD Massage Oil was designed by five star spa professionals to provide customers with a high-potency CBD massage oil they can administer in the comfort of their own home. This oil is made with our proprietary herbal-infused grapeseed oil, and delivers 250mg of CBD per ounce. This product is 100% THC Free. 

Aroma Options:

  • Unscented - For a fragrance-free experience
  • Lavender - Provides more of a relaxing effect
  • Citrus - Delivers an uplifting effect
  • Cool Blue - Brings about a cooling & warming effect
  • Eucalyptus - Provides an energizing and sinus stimulation effect

Bath Salts and Bath Bomb Powder New Packaging

Sustainability is a core value at lost range.®. We're proud to announce our new printed bath product pouches are made from all-recycled materials, created using only the best quality sustainable materials for a brighter and greener future. Including our customer-favorite CBD Bath Bomb Powder and CBD Bath Salts.

About our Bath Products

Lavender CBD Bath Bomb Powder

Available in 4oz or 16oz bags, lost range.® CBD Bath Bomb Powder is designed for ultimate relaxation. It cleanses, soothes, exfoliates, detoxes, hydrates and moisturizes the skin while easing exercise-induced pain. The proprietary blend includes CBD Isolate, our herbal infused grapeseed oil, minerals, salts and lavender essential oil. Each ounce brings 62.5mg of CBD to the soaking experience. This product is 100% THC Free. 

 To use: Our Bath Bomb Powder is a high potency, therapeutic option for soaking spa treatments and relaxing in your bathtub; including manicures, pedicures, and full body treatments. The loose powder consistency allows for the user to choose the amount of product desired. Recommend 1-2oz for hand and foot treatments and 2-4oz for full body treatments. Recommended for soaking spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures as well as relaxing in your bathtub.

CBD Bath Salts

Also available in 4oz or 16oz bags, lost range.® CBD Bath Salts are perfect for full body relaxation and calmness. This proprietary blend includes CBD Isolate, seven natural mineral salts, and essential oils, along with our herbal-infused grapeseed oil. lost range.® CBD Bath Salts exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin while relieving exercise-induced swelling, bruising, aches, and pain. Additionally, the seven-salt mineral blend helps cleanse, soothe, detox, hydrate and moisturize while regulating your skin’s PH levels. Each ounce of our salts brings 62.5mg of CBD to the soaking experience. This product is 100% THC Free. 

The salts are available in three aromas:

  • Lemongrass - Invigorating
  • Lavender - Relaxing
  • Eucalyptus - Energizing and sinus/respiratory stimulation

To use: With the same high potency as our CBD Bath Bomb Powder, a little goes a long way. Our CBD Bath Salts are a therapeutic option for soaking spa treatments and relaxing in your bathtub; including manicures, pedicures, and full body treatments. Recommend 1-2oz for hand and foot treatments and 2-4oz for full body treatments.

We Can't Wait for Your Feedback

At lost range.®, our commitment to the environment is as strong as our dedication to delivering high-potency CBD products.

We understand the importance of sustainable business practices, so we prioritize eco-friendly packaging in all our product lines. Our sustainable packaging ensures the footprint we leave on our planet is a positive one, reducing waste and promoting a healthier environment.

At the same time, our high-potency CBD products offer significant health benefits. These products are meticulously crafted, tested, and verified to provide our customers with a potent, reliable source of CBD. By choosing lost range.®, customers are not only investing in their well-being but also supporting sustainable business practices that help protect our home.

We can't wait to hear what you think of our new offerings. Be sure to tag us in social media! If you're interested in learning more about our products, see here.

For more information, contact us today.


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