Health and Wellness Gifts for Mother’s Day

Health and Wellness Gifts for Mother’s Day

If your mom deserves a dose of calm in her life, this Mother’s Day Gift Guide is for you. Here are our top products that allow Mom to focus on herself, feel pampered and perhaps discover a new calming or luxurious way of experiencing her day.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 8th – you have been warned), and if anyone needs a little self-care and me-time, it’s Mom. Our mothers hold such a special place in our lives that it can be tough to think of a gift for someone who has done so much for us throughout our lifetime.

Self-care is a big buzzword these days, but what about showing the people we love the most that their mental, physical and spiritual health is important? Whether your mom starts her day with a superfood-smoothie, or she needs a little direction of how to take better care of herself, a box chocolates and gas station flowers simply won’t cut it (as much as she pretends it’s what she’s “always wanted”.) After all, Mother’s Day is a perfect reminder to take initiative and instead of buying something ordinary, to surprise her with something that promotes full-body wellness to show that her happiness is your bottom line.

This Mother’s Day, give your mom the power of CBD wellness with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. First off let’s explore why CBD is the perfect gift for moms who need better selfcare in their lives.

Effects of CBD for Women

Studies on the effects of CBD on females are slowly gaining momentum:

  • Hormonal inbalance: A study investigating the effect of CBD found that it helped regulate the secretion of the stress-activating hormone cortisol. Also, when you use hemp-based CBD products, you’re getting omega fatty acids and gamma linolenic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid which is known to help regulate hormones.
  • PMS: Studies have found that CBD can help alleviate PMS symptoms (depression, anxiety, insomnia). CBD has shown to help moderate mood irregularities and overall mental health.
  • Dark spots/breakouts: A 2014 study found that CBD helped suppress acne breakouts by regulating oil production of the sebaceous glands and lowering skin inflammation.
  • Cholesterol: Studies have shown when cannabidiol interacts with vanilloid receptors that control body temperature, inflammation, and pain perception, it creates a therapeutic effect on the body which can lower cholesterol.

Just remember that CBD isn’t a miracle, cure-all solution for mom. You can’t take CBD and expect all your problems to magically disappear. While you may want her to take it to help manage cholesterol for example, but she eats fried foods every day, taking CBD won’t help get that number down. It’s all about a healthy, balanced lifestyle in obtaining optimum health.

With that being said, let’s take a look at CBD gifts to promote radiant health and well-being this Mother’s Day and beyond…

CBD Tinctures

CBD is a cannabinoid that derives from hemp and cannabis. CBD is a non-psychoactive drug that is used to treat various ailments such as inflammation, anxiety, and sleeping problems. Overall CBD helps us put ourselves first by allowing us to soothe our body and minds. 

CBD oil is a natural way to take care of anxiety, worries, and sleep issues. It can help your mom calm down, relax after a long day, and soothe her worries. Just one dropper of the tincture under her tongue and her mind can finally stop racing and relax. There are negligible side effects of CBD; in fact, it is completely natural and gentle on the body.

Try our Full-Spectrum and CBD Isolate tinctures. All of our tinctures are made of the highest quality CBD, grown under the Colorado sun by local farmers who ensure a pure product.  Our tinctures are available in several flavors including Natural, Peppermint and Lemon.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – 1000mg $59.00 — or $59.00 $47.20 / month

Full Spectrum Oil is an oil rich in CBD but also contains low levels of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC and under .3% THC. Perfect for all-round relief.

Isolate CBD Oil Tincture – 1000mg $59.00 — or $59.00 $47.20 / month

Isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD available, testing around 99.99% CBD. Our Isolate is made through a 3-step extraction process in order to get the CBD isolated to its purest form.

Gold Buckle Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture – 4000mg $159.00 — or $159.00 $127.20 / month

Go for gold with our highest-potency Gold Buckle tincture. If mom suffers from chronic pain, a more potent product is called for, and our Gold Buckle tincture packs 4000mg of premium CBD into every bottle. We recommend she starts off slowly and build her way up to find the sweet spot of relief she’s looking for.

CBD Topicals

All of our moms have gone through joint pains or the pain caused by sunburns or rashes. So if that is the case, then your mom’s skin would surely appreciate our topicals, which will not only soothe her skin but also nourish and repair it.

No matter the lifestyle you’re living, unwanted pain and inflammation can hinder you even on your best days! Whether you are living an active lifestyle running/skiing/hiking/biking or just being a mom, this CBD muscle and joint rub may be right for you in relieving your unwanted pain and inflammation.

Gold Buckle CBD Muscle & Joint Rub $89.00 – $159.00 — or from $71.20 – $127.20 / month

If you’re looking for the highest potency CBD cream/rub for pain relief on the market for mom, look no further! Our Gold Buckle Muscle and Joint Rub is the highest quality, highest potency CBD cream for her pain relief and inflammation. Use this CBD rub for her every day muscle and joint pain and inflammation, paired with our CBD Oil Tinctures for best results.

CBD Muscle & Joint Rub $15.00 – $59.00 — or from $12.00 – $47.20 / month

The best CBD Rub/Cream on the market for pain and muscle relief and it is 100% all Natural and handmade! Lost Range Muscle & Joint Rub is the absolute best quality CBD pain relief cream/rub on the market, period.

Massage Oils

cbd massage oil

Incorporating CBD into your daily regimen with our high quality CBD oil tinctures pairs perfectly with tending to your sore muscles and joints with our very popular CBD Massage Oil. Our CBD Massage Oil is made to help clear your mind and relieve tension, packed with an assortment of anti-inflammatory herbs that will assist healing your body in the soothing form of a CBD massage.

Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day with our soothing CBD Massage Oil, which contains 1200mg of CBD per bottle. It tackles tough musculoskeletal discomfort and is the perfect blend of CBD & natural oils. It will not only help nourish her skin but also help relieve soreness and body aches. She’ll be raving about how great it feels on her skin. Our massage oils are available in several scents including Unscented, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Citrus.

CBD Massage Oil – 1200mg $59.00 — or $59.00 $47.20 / month

Cool Blue Massage Oil – 1200mg $79.00 — or $79.00 $63.20 / month 

CBD Bath Products

cbd bath salt

Mom needs to indulge in practicing self-care and self love, and nothing does the trick like locking the bathroom door and relaxing in a hot tub with our CBD-Infused bath products.

CBD Bath Bomb Powder$20.00 – $59.00  or from $16.00 – $47.20 / month

Perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub, which pairs nicely with a glass of wine! For optimal results, pour bath bomb powder into a drawn warm bath and soak for 10+ minutes. This product can also be used for a foot soak.

CBD Bath Salts, Choice of Scent$20.00 – $59.00  or from $16.00 – $47.20 / month

Available in zesty Lemongrass, cooling Eucalyptus and relaxing Lavender, this gift demands mom to relax and unwind. Sprinkle in the bath or shower floor and soak up those chill vibes.

COMING SOON: CBD-infused soap!

CBD Whipped Honey


CBD Honey (1000mg) $59.00  or  $47.20 / month

Last, but by all means not least, give her a reason to have a little “me-time” every morning with our brand new CBD Whipped Honey. A gift shell never expect, we partnered with our local Beekeeper in Steamboat Springs, CO to obtain the finest quality honey. Each batch of  lost range.® Whipped CBD Honey is infused with our Full-Spectrum CBD oil and whipped to give it a light, creamy and delicious consistency.

Mom can spread some chill on her morning toast, in a smoothie or even in a much-deserved Mother’s Day cocktail!

Final Thoughts

If you’re still looking for more products for your mom or looking to treat yourself, look no further. At  lost range.®, we use only the best CBD in our small batch products — helping our customers experience and enjoy all the benefits that CBD has to offer. 

We strongly believe in the powerful healing potential of our hand-made CBD products, and bear witness with remarkable reviews from our loyal customers. Our mission is to make CBD tinctures, salves, and rubs accessible to all people, all year long. ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.3% THC.

We can’t wait to hear how your mom loved her health and wellness-themed CBD gifts for Mother’s Day. Check out some of our other reviews from other moms across the country here!

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