lost range.® Featured in BeInkandescent Health & Wellness Magazine

lost range.® Featured in BeInkandescent Health & Wellness Magazine

A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, BeInkandescent Health & Wellness magazine. 

It is with profound gratitude we share a recent publication from BeInkandescent Health & Wellness Magazine.

“We’re so glad that you found us, and we sincerely hope that our handmade CBD products will help you become the best ‘you’ possible,” I feel like they are talking to me! Although I have never been a fan of THC, when I started last year doing about 20 massages a weekend as a therapist at the Bellmoor Inn & Spa in Rehoboth Beach, DE — my thoughtful spa director, Alec, suggested I use a few drops of lost range on my hands to keep them from hurting. I was amazed at how effective this product was! My thumbs were starting to give me trouble and were pain-free after just one day of use. If it worked for me, I figured it would work for the guests, and ever since I have been recommending CBD massages to any guest who is struggling with chronic pain.

From arthritis to aching backs, necks, and knees, I’ve seen this oil work its magic.

I also offer the entire line of lost range® products at my private studio, and the results have been impressive.

“This was a completely different kind of massage, deeper and more powerful,” one client told me.



Read the full story from the source, our friends at BeInkandescent Health & Wellness magazine, here.

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