Seniors! Get Hip with CBD.

Seniors! Get Hip with CBD.

Baby Boomers: Remember the good ol’ days of vinyl records, bell-bottoms, and Woodstock? If you’re on a quest for that same feel-good vibe but in a, well, grown-up way, then it’s time to meet CBD!

Howdy, rockstar senior citizens (and their hip grandkids reading on their behalf)!

You’ve boogied through the Disco era, survived the hair from the 80s, and now you're blazing trails in the 21st century. Here, we’re diving into how CBD might just be the next cool thing you can add to your Golden Years bucket list. But first, the science bit...

A Trip Down Memory Lane, But With a Twist.

The bad news? We're all getting older. As we age, we face more health challenges with our eyesight, hearing, heart, bones, sleep, and even mental health.

Traditional medications can have side effects, and not all are effective. Looking for a holistic alternative? Consider giving CBD a try! But how does it exactly work? We're glad you asked!
CBD, or Cannabinoids, are compounds found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is a plant species including the hemp plant (where most CBD is currently extracted from) and the ever so “infamous,” marijuana plant (which contains higher levels of THC). These are two of the most popular cannabinoids but there are over 100 others including CBG, CBN and CBC. It’s likely we all know that THC is associated with “getting high” but, CBD does not get you high!

Ready to dive deep into the groove of your body's inner stabilizer system, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? 

Imagine the ECS as your body's ultimate mood, sleep, and pain regulator. With a trio of stars—cannabinoid receptors, body-made cannabinoids, and the cleanup crew (enzymes)—they ensure everything stays in harmony. Their goal? Keeping that internal balance stable.

Here are some reasons to say hello to premium CBD, and goodbye to aches, pains, and so much more...

Seniors, Meet CBD: The Ultimate Reunion Tour!

🌱 1. Why Should Seniors Give CBD a Whirl?

  • Stay Chill: From Watergate to the moon landing, you’ve experienced some of the most important events in American history. No wonder why the baby boomer generation's anxiety increased more than any other age group. The good news is studies show CBD can be your new sidekick for those heart-racing days ahead.
  • Aches and Pains: As we waltz through life, aches and creaks might make the dance less smooth. Enter CBD which has anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, and antioxidant effects. 
  • Beauty Sleep: If counting sheep is so last century for you, CBD might help you catch those Zzz's. Dream on!

🌱 2. How Do You Take This Magic Potion?

  • Tinctures: Think of it as a trendy elixir that you can drop under your tongue. 
  • Topicals: For when your joints start to jive to their own beat. CBD Topicals could be the targeted pain relief you've been searching for.
  • Edibles: No, not your grandkids' secret brownies. But a tasty, convenient way to reap the benefits of this charismatic compound: Enjoy a throwback of your favorite Starburst flavor in Cherry or Mandarin Orange CBD Gummies, or see what the buzz is about and whip out our finest quality Whipped CBD Honey. Because who doesn't want to reap the same great effects as our Full-Spectrum Tinctures with the added benefits of premium honey and phytonutrients!? 

🌱 3. Dosing? We’ve Got The Scoop! At lost range.®, we recommend starting low and slow. Start with .25ml in a dropper under the tongue 1-2 times daily and build up from there.

🌱 4. CBD and Medications: Can They Tango? It’s like mixing Elvis with the Beatles; sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes a miss. Drugs might interact with CBD. So, if you’re just starting your CBD journey, be sure to chat with your doctor first.

Quality Vibes Only

From where your hemp is sourced to extraction methods and lab testing, not all CBD is created equal!

Here at lost range.®, our premium CBD products are like that classic vinyl you've kept mint since the '60s – pure, authentic, and always on the right note.

Why our CBD rocks your retro socks off:

  • 100% field-grown hemp extract
  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Sustainably farmed
  • Sustainably packaged
  • Filler-free
  • Pesticide-free 
  • Allergen-free
  • Hemp sourced in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

And always, always look for the seal of trust – third-party testing! Why? Third-party testing results indicate the formula is clear of contaminants and contains appropriate CBD and THC levels. The ultimate golden stamp of quality sureness.

Wrap it up, DJ!

Hunting for top-notch CBD shouldn’t feel like searching for a needle in a haystack! At lost range.®, we're dedicated to providing all-natural, high-potency, plant-based CBD products to support active, healthy lifestyles - whatever stage of life you're at.

So, why not consider adding a bit of CBD sparkle to your stride?

Peace, Love, & CBD from the industry experts at lost range.®✌️

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